Streets of Ptolus: City by the Spire

A Change of Plans

Anxious to open the magical chest, the group sought friends who might be able to provide more information. They first stopped at St. Gustav’s Chapel to confer with Dean Thisk, who suggested consulting with one of the city’s many sages for such esoteric information. He also asked how Phon Quartermain was doing, as he had not seen her in some time. The group inquired for Phon at Saches’, and was informed that while she was not presently in the shop, she had been at work recently.

The next stop was at the Lyceum of Songs in the temple district where they spoke with their friend Amara. Again, she did not have any useful information, but suggested that if it was knowledge they sought that perhaps the Scriptorium of Tinel (god of knowledge and magic) could provide aid. She also gave them the wand of healing that she had been given to assist them in their adventures. Before they left, Amara pulled Thedric aside and told him that while his niece Talicia was doing well, she would not be able to remain at the lyceum indefinitely. She suggested that the Sisterhood of Silence might be a suitable long term home for the wayward child.

chest2.jpg At the Scriptorium of Tinel, the paladin received a cooler reception than he’d hoped as a member of the Great Church, but the acolyte was able to provide some useful information from the chest markings they provided. ((Guys, I could not remember exactly what I told you about the chest based upon the rubbings you provided. It seemed like he told you a little, but would need to see the chest to provide more. One of you can add info here if you have some notes.)) Saint seemed quite interested in Tinel’s church and their holy order of Mage-guard warriors. For the time being, the group decided to safeguard the chest by locking it in Sarys’ office at the Rogue Moon Trading Company.

Later that evening, over drinks, Draith shared some sensitive information with the group about the upcoming donation by the Zeltner family. Draith’s sources indicate that a group of thieves from the Longfingers Guild were making plans to steal the donation prior to its delivery, and the guard contingent might not be sufficient to ensure its safety. Quite grateful that Draith would confide in the group Thedric reported the information to his superior at the Order of the Dawn, Sir Tremont, and asked that additional resources be dedicated to the task. Sir Tremont sternly questioned Thedric on how he came by this knowledge, but Thedric was steadfast in protecting his source. In the end Sir Tremont said he would consult with their superiors to determine the correct course of action.

The next day Sir Tremont informed Thedric that he had met with the captain to discuss the Zeltner transaction further. Captain Ian was somewhat surprised that the Longfingers would be interested in Zeltner’s donation: while it was certainly valuable, that object could be easily tracked and it would be difficult to find the right buyer for such a rare and unusual item. Upon further consideration, however, the captain agreed that a city watch contingent would not be appropriate to protect and deliver the donation. He directed Thedric to have the city watch proceed with the caravan as planned, which would merely serve as a diversion for the Longfingers. The actual item should be personally guarded and hand-carried by Thedric and his associates to Sister Matricholan at the Church of the Redeemer. Thedric could consult directly with the high priestess if needed, and the transaction should be completed without further delay.



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