Streets of Ptolus: City by the Spire

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Caught somewhat off guard by the tone of Captain Ian’s response, Sir Thedric went to the Church of the Redeemer seeking additional information regarding his upcoming mission and the nature of the mysterious donation. Sister Matricholan explained the odd circumstances through which the Great Church had become involved with Martin Zeltner and his daughter Aliyah.

Zeltner had pleaded for Sister Matricholan to intercede when his daughter was committed to Darkbirth Madhouse after a particularly violent fit of insanity. She began experiencing visions portending the destruction of the world after he returned from a business venture with a unique stone he had found during his travel. The visions became so distressing to the young girl that she finally attempted to stab her eyes out in hopes of stopping them. Fortunately, the Church was able to get the girl released into their care before she came to any harm in the asylum, and with the help of the gods they she was cured of her maladies. During her stay at the church, the scribes recorded bits and pieces of her incoherent rantings, but only the phrase “Vallis is near…” seems to have been consistently repeated during her recovery. Mr. Zeltner offered to give the cursed stone to the Church in return for their mercy and expenses in curing his daughter.

Accompanied by Aidan Prommel, a young cleric from the Grand Cathedral, the party met at the Hammersong Vaults as planned. A Thedric accompanied Martin Zeltner as the stout dwarf, Ollam Hammersong led them through several impressive security measures and deep into the private vaults. Mr. Zeltner retrieved a box containing a small, softly-glowing greenish rock — a chunk of Vallis stone! Back on the streets, several chests were loaded into a cart as a diversion, while the party carried the vallis personally along a different route.

Draith stealthily tracked the rest of the group as they warily trekked through the dark, empty streets of Oldtown towards the chapel. Suddenly the group was blinded as an impenetrable blackness fell over them and they heard the whizzing of a crossbow bolt followed by the moan and heavy thud of Aidan falling to the cobblestone street. Sorn.jpg When they finally recovered from the confusion they saw 2 sorcerers, a gnome and a dark elf, firing spells and bolts at them from the rooftops ahead. Worse than that, a large man transformed into a wolf and charged at them with snapping jaws and a slashing long sword. The heroes prevailed after a harrowing battle and, while searching their assailants for clues, discovered that the sorcerers both bore a similar, but unfamiliar tattoo. They successfully delivered the package to Sister Matricholan and retired for the night to sleep off their ills.



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