Streets of Ptolus: City by the Spire

The Murderer's Trail

Part 1

A cry for help draws the four heroes into a murderous plot…

After days of prayer, Sir Thedric was taken by Captain Ian to St. Valien’s Cathedral where he would begin his training and duties as a member of the Order of the Dawn. The ways of the Order were unknown to him, but Sir Tremont instructed him that Thedric would need to follow his heart in order to hear the gods’ will. Thedric learned that he would primarily be fulfilling his duties at St Valien’s, but would have flexibility to travel throughout the city in between tasks.

Sarys returned to his job at the Rogue Moon Trading Company, where a 1000-gold bounty notice was being posted for a dark elf named Shilukar. The company executive, Tamora Rigan was just concluding a meeting with her close friend and wealthy financier, the widow Tashari Lin, and questioned Sarys about his recent investigations. During the meeting, Sarys learned that the dark elf was wanted by House Abanar in connection with several break-ins throughout the noble quarter.

The group gathered once again at St. Gustav’s to thank the widow Cailan Narrowsigh for her generous act in helping Thedric. Draven was still suspicious of why a stranger would donate such a large sum to help another, and questioned her intently to determine her motives. He learned that her late husband was a goldsmith who had left her a great sum upon his passing. She was deeply religious and took great pleasure in using it to assist in worthy causes. She also told the group that a friend of hers in the Rivergate district new of some folks who were in need of assistance with a haunted house in their neighborhood.

Sir Thedric had his first real interaction with his rescuers at this time. He wanted to thank them for their help, however, he and Draven got off to a rocky start from the start. Draith, insulting the Dean in front of Sir Thedric and talking about the hypocrisy of the Church ignited a heated response from Sir Thedric and, before things got out of hand, Draith retired from the chapel and waited outside. Sir Thedric had pledged his service as a repayment for the kindly gnome’s help in his time of need, but the rest of the group was apprehensive about attempting such a task without some preparation. Sir Thedric told the group that they were not bound by this agreement and that it was his burden to bare, since he alone was directly involved. However, Amara was intrigued by the transformation of the Paladin and Sarys’ curiosity in the whole incident also brought him into the fold. Draven, to the bewilderment of the group, decided that it might be advantageous to join this little party, though he gave no reason other then it was always a good idea for one to have good contacts and friends.

The party was discussing their options outside St. Gustav’s when they heard a scream from a nearby alley. They rushed in that direction and saw a young woman being accosted by two armed members of the Pale Dogs.
The men were quickly subdued. Draith started to interrogate the concious member of the Pale Dogs, whose name was Ortry, by threatening him with immediate death. Thedric, seeing the unarmed man with a Rapier being pushed slowly in his neck, decided to act and was about to confront Draith when Ortry let slip that they were hired to kill this woman. Rage engulfed Thedric and he pushed Draith aside and physically slammed the man to the wall. Taking in the newly incarnate Paladin’s fury and the devious smile on Draith’s face standing behind him, the Pale Dog relented and revealed that they were given a description and address for the woman and instructions to kill her. They were to return to a warehouse on Able Row on Theoday for payment. A poorly written note in their possession confirmed this information. After interrogation, the thugs were turned over to the City Watch.

The woman thanked the group and said her name was Phon Quartermain. She had no idea why anyone would want to harm her. She lived nearby and also was a frequented worshipper at St. Gustav’s. As Amara was healing Phon’s minor wounds, she learned that Phon was pregnant, a discovery that was shocking even to Phon and upset her greatly!

The heroes had no idea what was behind the attack, but were determined to find out…



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