Streets of Ptolus: City by the Spire

The Smuggler's Daughter

Part 1

Dad artemis If this refers to an interaction between Amara and the rest of the party, maybe expand this note into a description of the conversation, otherwise probably move to the secret log.

The young heroes decided that they needed some well deserved rest and also that they had other responsibilities they had to attend to. Sir Thedric was called on by the Order of the Dawn and the Great Church to be involved with a grand funeral procession for one of his fallen comrades, Sir Eric. This spectacle was on a grand scale as the body was taken from St. Valien’s Cathedral to the Imperial Palace where he was entombed. This type of honor was reserved for those individuals that had shown uncommon valor in the field. Sir Eric was a member of the contingent of Paladins that was sent to help rescue some people kidnapped by The Forsaken from the Necropolis. This contingency was sent after receiving a request for assistance from the Keepers of the Veil. Amara returned from her duties at the Lyceum of Songs wearing some newly purchased and very revealing studded armor. Sarys returned from his duties at the Rogue Moon Trading Company while Draith returned from dealings with his unsavory contacts. It was starting to become clear that double lives were going to be led and the heroes were going to need to juggle each of them.

The party decided to meet at The Ghostly Minstrel to plan their next move. Sarys was the first there and procured a table away from most of the occupants as he knew that Draith was always suspicious of everything. Sir Thedric came in next, wearing his finely polished breastplate. Amara, the next to arrive, drew more then one look and a few comments from the occupants in the bar, however, this was nothing new to the beautiful half-elven cleric and she took it for granted. As Amara took her seat, Thedric said, “Amara, you look exceptionally stunning today. I see that you are wearing a new type of clothing. Is that perhaps studded leather armor?” Amara looked a Thedric and replied, “Why, yes it is, thank you so much for noticing.” About that time, Draith joined the group and took his seat, ordering his usual wine. Thedric glanced at him and then continued, “Does that mean you are embracing the Delver’s lifestyle?” With a giggle, the half-elf replied, “I thought it would only be prudent to make sure that I was a little more protected. After encountering those goblins, the zombies and the spiders… especially the spiders, yuck… it made me realize that I was definitely out of my element. But oh what fun!!” Draith, listening to her answer and looking her over commented, “Well, that armor won’t do you much good with you exposing your mid-section like that.” Amara glared at him a little and remarked back snidely, “Just because a woman feels that she needs a little extra protection doesn’t mean that it has to be hideous. I must maintain a degree of decorum, even if I am drudging around in the sewers.” This brought some subdued laughter from the three other men though they each in turn received a reproachful glare. Amara gathered herself and said, “I believe we have some business to discuss? Shall we get on with it?”. This brought Sarys out of his seemingly trance-like state and he added, “Yes, yes! Let’s discuss this. I am eager to proceed with this investigation.”

So, plans were discussed by the party on how to best infiltrate Linech’s operation. As always, Draith and Thedric butted heads. Draith maintained that the party needed to be inconspicuous and proposed that the party took on disguises. However, the problem started when Draith insisted that Thedric dress as a thug. Draith made the argument that Linech would be expecting “street thugs” and that the paladin would need to remove the symbol for the Great Church from his breastplate. Thedric, resplendent in his armor, flatly refused to mare the his breastplate and made the counter argument that the party was told by Lord Zavere that Linech was looking for adventurer’s. He saw no reason they couldn’t approach him as they were. Sarys weighed in on the side of Draith. Amara’s beauty would let her slide buy the sight of a paladin of the Order of the Dawn would likely destroy any chance at being recruited by Linech. Eventually, a compromise was reached in which Thedric agreed to wear a cloak to cover his armor. He also allowed Draith and Sarys to dirty him up a bit. Further discussion centered around Thedric if he was exposed. Draith said that a back-story was needed in order to alleviate any suspicion by Linech on how a street tough managed to obtain the armor from the Great Church. He suggested that the best explanation would be to tell him that Thedric was a fallen paladin. Thedric staunchly objected to this and stated that he would not agree to that. As tempers flared slightly, Amara and Sarys finally calmed the other two down enough that both Thedric and Draith agreed on how to proceed. No explanation would be volunteered to Linech or any of his associates past the basic cover story that the party was merely a newly formed Delving group looking for work. Thedric agreed to remain quiet and allow the others to do the talking unless specifically addressed. He would also wear his cloak continuously. If, and only if, Thedric’s armor was seen and questioned on it threatening the mission itself would the fallen paladin story be used. This story would only be used if necessary and as a last resort. Draith conceded to this and, with the plans made, the party left to prepare.

Being a Paladin makes you hard headed – seriously? Not a lot of wiggle room with Draith and with Sarys (Draven mostly). But it was nice to cold cock him one! Same as above. I’m assuming this refers to the discussion of disguises and appearances for the meeting with Linech? If so, probably include a couple sentences about the interaction itself and include the ‘hard-headed’ comment as Amara’s conclusion or reaction to the matter.

When the party met again the next day, they set off together to meet with Linech. As they made their way into the Rivergate district, it was apparent that they had made an error. Instead of a lower class part of the city, Rivergate was more like a suburb within Ptolus. People walked down the street in dressed in nice clothing, not overly fancy but quality made, with their children, heading either to or from their homes that resided in “burrows”. Upon entering the area it was apparent that the party was obviously out of place. The “street thug” disguises worn by the companions drew a lot of attention to the group. People to stared as they walked by and some even scowled. No one said a word as the party made their way to Linech’s base of operations, but it was all on their minds. The mission was already off to a bad foot. They had intended to be inconspicuous but they had miscalculated. Thedric fumed to himself at being talked out of going to the area as “adventurers”. Draith would be hearing about this from him, especially since he prided himself on information. On the other hand, Sarys marveled at the shear simplicity yet utter brilliance of the choice. What genius it was to run a criminal organization out of a respectable part of the city. He found himself respecting this half-orc, even if he was a criminal. As the party made their way towards Linech’s burrow, a strange site appeared overhead; a round shape made with what appeared to be sewn leather squares floated in the air. Below it hanged a basket with people inside. A balloon. Now that was a sight. The men in the basket began to shoot arrows into the river canyon but the party had no idea what they were shooting at. Strange. A mage flying around was not uncommon but this, this was something extraordinary to behold.

Finally, the party entered Linech’s burrow. Some children were playing nearby and a man in armor sat nonchalantly on the porch of a one of the houses that were located at the top of a narrowly sloped road at the end of the burrow. Sarys (I’m not sure if it was him or Draith… Someone please clarify) approached the children who immediately stopped their game and stared at the strangers. He asked one of the children if he knew where Linech lived and the child told him that his house was up the sloped road past the man sitting at the top. Sarys, feeling generous, flipped the child a coin which immediately had all of them thanking him and talking excitedly amongst themselves. Following the childs directions, the party made their way up the incline, past the man and on to Linech’s house. Thedric looked back at the seated gentleman but he seemed not to care about the party, though Thedric suspected that he was either a guard or a lookout and that it was a part of his act. Clever, a guard that was seemingly just an innocent civilian bystander sitting out on his front porch enjoying the day. The party approached the door with a bit of hesitation. It was time. The wheels were in motion and they were committed. The party steeled themselves, each in his or her own way. Finally, with one last glance around at each other, Draith opened the door and went in, followed by Thedric, then Sarys with Amara on his heals.

How about recording some notes about the trip to the Rivergate district – impressions of the place, people, something about seeing the hot air balloon and the arrows, etc?

Seanus halfling that works for half orc lennick.

Get Crans daughters coffin.
We need to meet the Halfling Seanus in 2 days. He will secure us a boat and water breathing potions. There is still a debate as to bringing the coffin up on the shore or into Seanus’ waiting (untrustworthy!) hands. The shipwreck lies off the harbor in 50’ of water. Cran warned us that we might meet opposition due to the nature of his sunken cargo. (likely valuable illegal items).

Also, remember what the occupants at Castle Sharde told us: Crans operation on a nearby island ended in a firey accident. Cran himself told us his daughter was killed in an accident and that the boat carrying her coffin ended in fire. She was probably killed during the island “accident”. The fact that fire was used on the island and on the boat means it might have been done by the same person(s) using the same methods. Need to investigate further.

Lots of stuff could be added here which might be useful or interesting later, like a description of Linech’s burrow (cul-de-sac), the kids who directed you to his office, guard sitting on the porch, the interaction with Seanus, strung-out half-elf chick on the couch, Draith tips Seanus 1 gold coin and considers pinching his purse (but thinks better of it), how the party heroically convinces Linech to give them the job, the humorous interaction between Draith and Thedric, Linech’s instructions for the mission, the 6’ foot tall gold statue of a nobleman, etc. I will help edit/expand stuff as well once you guys have captured what you recall.

Remember to have Draith look into Crans operation/background as much as possible through his street contacts.

Draith has some “personal business” he needs to attend to in 3 days time. It will take him away from the group for the night and he’ll be out of contact. The secret log entry could be expanded with a description of Draith’s journey into the undercity market to meet his contact.


To Greg French: Awesome fun with the skill challenge. Loved the interaction between Draith and Thedric. Getting punched in the nose after Draith making himself look awesome was awesome.
More please!!!! :) -Dan

The Smuggler's Daughter

Thanks Dan! I thought it all went very well and I enjoyed it, too. Everyone is really getting a handle on their characters and the setting, and that makes it fun for me as well. I think this comment area would be a good place to include thoughts or suggestions about this week’s session.

Kyle, thanks for taking notes during the session and everyone for coming in here and recording your thoughts.

Also, remember what the occupants at Castle Sharde told us: Crans operation on a nearby island ended in a firey accident. Cran himself told us his daughter was killed in an accident and that the boat carrying her coffin ended in fire. She was probably killed during the island “accident”. The fact that fire was used on the island and on the boat means it might have been done by the same person(s) using the same methods. Need to investigate furthur.

— Good observation/recollection, whoever included that. I’m gonna have to step up my game if you guys are gonna start taking notes and remembering stuff. ;-p

The Smuggler's Daughter

YES!!! Bull’s eye on the skill challenge. It induced role-playing and some action (via the skills) to an otherwise mundane meeting. Keep that in the mix. Not every encounter has to be hack-n-slash to be awesome. It also makes you think in character more.

The Smuggler's Daughter

Everyone, I think it’d be cool if these brief session notes could eventually evolve into an adventure narrative similar to what I wrote for the first session (and am in the process of reconstructing for the subsequent sessions). That would give you all a record of events to refer back to and links to the people and places that you interacted with. As you begin to have recurring interactions with certain people, a refresher would be valuable.

One suggestion is that if 1 person records their session notes, the others also come back and edit/add any information that was missed and help expand the notes into an event narrative.

As an example, I’ve put some comments (in blue) into the notes above as suggestions on where some additional information could be added to the adventure recap. Let me know what you guys think.

The Smuggler's Daughter

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