Streets of Ptolus: City by the Spire

The Trouble with Goblins

Part 3

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After speaking with Insert Name Here and with Draith unsuccessfully trying to negotiate for more money, the party went to the haunted house. Along the way, the people in the neighborhood noticed that we were out of place. Drawing their attention like that, they started asking questions about if we were going to save them from the ghosts and rid them of the blight in the haunted house. Several people were talked to and we found out that items and pets had been taken over the recent weeks. The crowd grew and followed all the way to the haunted house. Some of the spectators were emboldened by our presence and wanted to enter the house with us but we talked them out of it due the the danger. When we entered, a bucket of rotting ilk fell onto the floor, barely missing the party. We immediately determined it was a trap that had been set and we surmised that this place was not haunted but it was merely a front for some other purpose. As we headed in, a white sheet came flying toward us and it was cut down. Upon further investigation, the sheet covered a stirge, which further confirmed our suspicions. At that second, we were ambushed by several goblins and Thedric and Sarys? were hit by tanglefoot bags. It was a short battle and the goblins were soon dispatched, despite their advantage. The party learned the effectiveness of tanglefoot bags and how to free themselves from the goo, a valuable lesson to learn for the future. The house was checked further, starting with the upstairs. Another band of goblins was discovered but they were also taken care of. Next, the kitchen was checked and a number of picked clean bones were noticed. The party hypothesized that these were the missing pets, dinner for the goblins. A trapdoor was discovered by Draith leading downstairs but the party immediately noticed that the ladder looked very unstable. It was decided that Thedric, being the most armored would be lowered down on a rope by the others in order to preserve the ladder. The added weight he carried would surely destroy the thing. As he was lowered, he was immediately attacked by another group of goblins located at the far end of the room. Draith started down into the cellar using the ladder but it broke apart and he hurt himself in the fall. The Amara and Sarys tied off the rope and went down to witness the end of the battle. Upon searching the cellar, a safe was found but to the parties dismay, it had already been pilfered. Further searching uncovered a secret entrance to the cellar from an old dungeon. Carefully peering through, the party could see that the main camp of the goblin infestation lay right on the other side of the opening. The group darted through the opening and straight into the camp. Some of the goblins were caught by surprise but a tunnel led down further into the dungeon where more goblins awaited. As Draith and Thedric dispatched those close, Sarys unleashed his awesome magic (sleep spell) which took most of the others out of the fight. The mop up continued with the party victorious but a little scathed. Amara provided the necessary healing and the campsite was searched. A few valuables were found but mostly it trinkets, some from the inhabitants nearby. The party decided to return to claim their reward and explain that the house was not haunted but infested with goblins. The hero’s were welcomed out of the house by a rousing cheer from the crowd. Thedric, now feeling that his debt had been paid, brought up the possibility of returning to the haunted house and explore the newly discovered dungeon.



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