Tamora Rigan

Member of House Abanar and chief operating officer of the Rogue Moon Trading Company


“2,900 gold coins is a fair price. I know you would pay 3,100, but I would rather deal with you fairly and earn your trust.”

Tamora dresses richly, but not ostentatiously, and carries a wooden case containing bills of sale and other paperwork. A middle-aged woman of average looks, she has a sharp nose and a small chin.

Cool, calculating, and practical, Tamora has a head for figures. She speaks in terms of facts and figures, and considers all sides of a situation before acting. She’s polite and respectful to a fault. Schooled from childhood in every aspect of her business, she’s an experienced trader with an eye for recognizing both good bargains and deals that are too good to be true. She treats everyone fairly and kindly, until given cause to do otherwise, and will never cheat someone out of their money.

As the highest officer of the Rogue Moon Trading Company in Ptolus and a member of House Abanar, she holds a great deal of respect and clout amoung the merchants and businessmen of the city.


Tamora Rigan

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