Streets of Ptolus: City by the Spire

A Difficult Choice
Prelude Session to the long-awaited Streets of Ptolus campaign

Whether by fate or by chance, a collision of circumstances was about to alter the course of 4 lives, and possibly an entire city, forever….

It was a rainy, moonless night in Ptolus as 2 cloaked figures entered the Lyceum of Songs in the temple district to speak with the high priestess. The larger of the figures, a lowly city customs agent named Thedric Reiniger, was on his way to a meeting from which he feared he would not return. After a heavy conversation, he convinced Fairest Sister Nyaera Autumnfire to care for his neice Talicia Ziegler, as even her parents’ home would not be beyond the reach of those whom he believed wished him harm. He left Talicia at the temple and with grim determination went back out into the rain to meet his fate.

A young priestess at the temple named Amara was intrigued by the events she witnessed and their similarity to the circumstances through which she herself had been raised at the Lyceum of Songs. After a conversation with the child, Amara followed the cloaked figure out into the night and along the rain-soaked streets towards the guildsman district.

In another part of the city, an astute agent of the Rogue Moon Trading Company named Sarys Baelish was investigating a pattern of missing goods and incorrect inventory reports, all by the same city customs agent… Thedric Reiniger. A recent shipment had just been received and was being held in a warehouse in the guildsman district, awaiting the proper inventory and inspection reports. That night, Sarys’ curiosity led him to that warehouse to check the newly-received goods for himself.


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