Tag: Thedric


  • The Hand of Justice

    This sword was given to [[:thedric-reiniger | Thedric Reiniger]] by Saint Gustav upon his resurrection. He is to use it to protect the innocent and to bring justice to the world. It's full potential is not yet known. The sword is linked with Thedric due …

  • Talicia Ziegler

    The only child of [[:alana-ziegler | Alana]] and [[:kannath-ziegler | Kannath]] Ziegler, Talicia, Thedric's nine year old niece, has had her life threatened by loan sharks if he doesn't pay off his gambling debts. Failure to pay will result in Talicia …

  • Bryce Reiniger

    Bryce and wife Kirstin are parents to [[:alana-ziegler | Alana]] and [[:thedric-reiniger | Thedric]]. He was also responsible for setting Thedric up in the Imperial guards working as a custom's agent and duties collector.