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    Lyceum of Songs

    Temple to Aymara, goddess of beauty and love. Located in the [[Temple District|temple district]]. Home to [[:amara-last-name-unknown | Amara]], as well as [[:thedric-reiniger | Thedric Reiniger's]] niece [[:talicia | Talicia]]. The temple high …

  • Guildsman District

    City district in the southwest corner of the city. Mostly home to businesses, warehouses, and guild headquarters.

  • South Market

    City district in the southeast corner containing many shops and market areas.

  • St. Gustav's Chapel

    Located in Midtown near [[Delver's Square | Delver's Square]] and presided by [[:dean-fabitor-thisk | Dean Fabitor Thisk]] The location of [[:thedric-reiniger | Thedric Reiniger's]] resurrection.