Streets of Ptolus: City by the Spire

New Friends and New Directions

After an unexpected and harrowing return to Linech Cran’s office at the completion of their mission. The party took a few days to recoup and regroup before meeting again to discuss future plans. Amara learned that she was being given greater responsibility in upcoming church events, and that her new duties would require her to spend more of her time at the Lyceum of Song rather than exploring with her friends. She suggested that they speak with an impressive gentleman whom had recently come by the church looking for work.

Draith, Thedric, and Sarys met at the Ghostly Minstrel to discuss their future and meet with the person Amara had recommended. They were soon greeted by a solidly-built man introducing himself as ‘Saint’. Over several drinks he discussed his resume of working for various churches and his expertise in security matters and was invited to assist with a security assignment which Thedric had recently received. During the evening of drinks, they were visited by a boy named Iltumar Shon from the Bull & Bear Armory in Delver’s Square. Iltumar brought Carter his war hammer which had recently been customized by the blacksmiths, but was eager to stay and enthusiastically listen to the heroes’ tales of their great exploits.

Word on the street was that Collus Adderwood had been wanting to meet with them to discuss an opportunity. Fresh from the Ghostly Minstrel, the group then headed for the roughest bar in Ptolus, the Skull and Sword, to meet with there seedy contact. It turns out that a merchant named Kellisan Faymar was expecting a valuable delivery for which he would be paying in child slaves, and he led the party down into the sewers to interrupt the transaction. The situation in the sewers was not what the party was expecting as they found the merchant waiting alone, with no children to be seen. The scene got stranger as 2 ogres appeared carrying a large chestchest2.jpg and led by a very unusual gnoll with purplish-blue fur. Kellisan brought forth a sack of coins, but the party was spotted and a fight ensued. In the close-quarters of the sewers, the battle was going against the party until some quick-thinking by Carter confused the ogres and sent Kellisan fleeing into the dark without the chest and the creatures taking their payment to go purchase some children for dinner. The party found themselves in possession of the chest, but the lock was far beyond their ability to open.

Thedric, Carter, and Sarys met with Mr. Smythe, chief of operations for the (Martin) Zeltner family to discuss the upcoming transfer from the Hammersong Vaults to the Church of the Redeemer. Thedric and Carter made an excellent presentation which left Mr. Smythe impressed and confident that the entire operation will go smoothly.

Abbercomb.gifSarys received a message from Kadmus asking for an update on Linech Cran’s intentions, so the group returned to Castle Shard to discuss their recent mission. Lord Zavere and Lady Rill listened intently to the party’s underwater adventures and subsequent return with Linech’s vampire daughter Linele, and Zavere was visibly upset to learn the cause of Linele’s death. Thedric and Draith challenged him regarding the raid on Linech’s shivel operation, but Zavere made no apologies for acting to stop the flow of shivvel into Ptolus. Both Lords were very interested to hear of the life-sized gold statue in Linech’s office and explained that that was their friend Lord Abbercomb who had been magically turned to gold long ago. They asked the heroes to return him to Castle Shard for Lady Rill to attempt to remove the spell, offering further favor and a handsome reward before dismissing the group to discuss further.



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